Trans Mountain and Salmon Spawning Grounds

Trans Mountain describes the “innovative use of snow fencing” in streams to protect spawning salmon and trout in a blog dated Sept. 12 on the project website, . It says its biologists had temporarily laid plastic fencing on the bottom of some sections of five streams through mid-August 2017 in preparation for pipeline construction there in early 2018, adding it had identified a total of 26 streams in British Columbia and Alberta where the mats would be used prior to spawning season. “By excluding fish from spawning in specific areas of a stream that may be within our proposed construction footprint, or immediately downstream within the zone-of-influence during construction activity, we then know we will not be disturbing reeds or incubating eggs at the time of construction, if our construction timing will overlap with incubating eggs,” said Trans Mountain fisheries biologist Calum Bonnington, in the company’s blog. In an email, Trans Mountain spokesman Ali Hounsell says the spawning deterrents were considered a “preventive measure” to minimize environmental impacts of construction, adding the company is working on a response to the NEB order. National Observer 2017.09.26 National Observer – Kinder Morgan Special Report Reports on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline … Continue reading Trans Mountain and Salmon Spawning Grounds