Oceanic Society

People need healthy oceans to survive and to thrive. Oceanic Society works to improve ocean health by addressing the root cause of its decline—human behavior. Simply put, the oceans are in trouble because people are putting too much into and taking too much out of them.

Through our conservation travel programs, marine research, and investments in conservation, we are inspiring and empowering people at all levels of society to become better stewards of ocean ecosystems.

Our mission is to conserve marine wildlife and habitats by deepening the connections between people and nature.

Oceanic Society


Straitwatch is a stewardship-based marine mammal monitoring and education program operating around Vancouver Island, BC. Our program, operated by Cetus Research and Conservation Society, monitors vessel activity around marine mammals, especially killer whales, and provides boaters with interpretive talks and information on the Be Whale Wise – Marine Wildlife Viewing Guidelines.

By increasing awareness of the threats these animals face, such as habitat degradation, decreased food availability, increasing underwater noise and contaminant levels, we encourage boaters to modify their behaviour to reduce their impact on these species.

Cetus Research and Conservation Society

Center for Whale Research

Salmon need pristine and unobstructed waterways to reproduce. The Southern Resident Orcas are starving. The whales need our support, and we need to help direct that support in the way that best helps them – advocate for their need for fresh healthy salmon
Ken Balcomb, Founder and Senior Scientist
Center for Whale Research

The Center for Whale Research is dedicated to the study and conservation of the Southern Resident killer whale population in the Pacific Northwest.

The Center for Whale Research